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New Year Greetings & Message from the President

My Dear Brothers and sister

New Year 2015 has dawned and it is my privilege to extend to you all and to your near and dear ones, New Year's greetings on my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues in GMS.

Like every year, the year 2014 has been very hectic on all fronts. We had proclaimed the year 2014 as "Year of the Youth" and it has been our endeavour to involve them as much as possible in the community affairs. We organized a Youth Camp at Vrindavan in March 2014 with almost 400 participants, most of themwere youth and their enthusiasm and passion for the Community was to be seen to be believed. The camp was totally handled by youth and was a great success with assurance from all the participants to associate themselves totally with various projects of the Community to be envisaged in future. Besides other activities during the year, another Mohyal Youth Camp was held at Byasi, Rishikesh, from 4th to 6th December 2014 and "Mohyal Celebrations" on Th December 2014. The event was again a great success, as it is outlined in the report in this issue of Mohyal Mitter. Encouraged by the response, we have decided that 2015 would also be year of the Youth and we would like to concentrate on the various activities like sports, arts, culture etc. with the aim of bringing the youth in the main stream. We strongly feel that youth are the real wealth and future of the Community and they must be nurtured. I would urge that all local sabhas also give due importance to the activities of the youth and they are involved as much as possible in the operations of the Sabhas during the year.

A new project has been initiated to construct a Mohyal Bhawan at Yamuna Nagar comprising of Community hall on the ground floor with all the infrastructure, 6 guest rooms and a branch of MERIT on the first floor. We are very happy to do this because as I understand our fraternity settled down in Yamuna Nagar and Jagadari and surrounding areas, population is about next to Delhi and the facilities to be provided should be very beneficial to them.

During the foregoing year we started a new scheme "Adopt a child" by opening new trusts of Rs.11000/- each. It will be our endeavour during the new year that we reach every nook and corner of under privileged members of our Community not only to take care of them but adopt those children who are bright but for want of funds are not able to pursue their education properly. It is our aim and efforts that no Mohyal youth is denied the privilege of modern education for lack of funds. I am sure that with your continuous support we will succeed.

We all appreciate the progress achieved so far, which I strongly feel has been done because of the unity of the Community over the years and, that has to be maintained at all costs. We do come across a few misguided brothers and it will be our effort to wean them from negative thoughts and be part of the main stream and contribute towards the progress of the Community. I need the cooperation of each one of you and with your continuous support I am confident that sky is the limit.

Once again Wishing you, the very Best in life, for all of you in the New Year.

With kindest regards,

Yours affectionately,
Rzd. B.D. Bali

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